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alb @ RiseUp Summit / Egypt Trip 2021

It came by surprise! I received a call from ZINC Amman informing me that I had won an opportunity to fly to Egypt to attend RiseUp Summit. Wow! what an experience to always remember! I packed quickly and fled to the land of pharaohs. I landed in a scene of extraordinary architecture and the noise of the Egyptian streets.

An exceptional and surprising trip indeed, I was lucky to meet Ahmad Al Shugairi - one of the most influential media activists. I introduced my new project - alb - to him and gave him a sample.

Another fruitful meeting was with H.E. Mr. Amjad Al Adaileh - Jordan's ambassador to Egypt. We discussed Jordanian entrepreneurs' challenges and ideas for expansion.

I also met with the constant supporter - Mr. Ahmad Al Hanandeh - Jordan's Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship.

Attending RiseUp Summit was an excellent opportunity to connect with Egyptian creative and non-creative startups and explore their experiences.

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