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Amani x Kayali Jewelry #WEAREWOMEN Campaign

It was definitely a special day. My dear friend and talented photographer Farras Oran asked me to join his welcoming crew and I don't know where to begin. From reception to completion it was phenomenal. I remember him saying "it's your day!". I was truly pampered.

Result was a compilation of great photographs, videos and a bouquet of flowers that will always remind me of love and giving.

The session was intended to promote Farras's client - Kayali Jewelry. A lead Jordanian jewelry brand that was founded by a respectful family. I enjoyed wearing pieces from their fine jewelry collection - the "Diamond and Ruby Drop" set.

During the session, I was asked what happiness is, and my quick answer was that it is in giving, helping people live better lives and succeed.

Below are the photos and video for your to enjoy:


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