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Queen Alia International Airport

Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) has steadily emerged as a premier regional center for leisure, business and medical travel.


Develop a brand promise that can be applied to marketing campaigns across print and online platforms to ensure their products and services meet customer satisfaction and build the high credibility of the brand.


Airports Council International (ACI) has awarded QAIA Level 2 of the Airport Customer Experience Accreditation.


Brand Promise





QAIA Brand Promise



Following a Royal legacy, Jordan is a diverse country, a voice for moderation, peace and co-existence. Its central position, where East meets West; makes it the perfect hub for tourism, business development and foreign cultures. The land where Hollywood movies were filmed, the place where the lowest point on Earth exists, the country endorsed by Guinness Book of Records for adopting technology very early on and a country occupied by a nation known for their generosity and welcoming smile to anyone and everyone.


Connecting Jordan To the World

QAIA represents a regional change maker, an intersection of traditional values, and modern global influences. The heritage is inlaid in its architecture and growth. It is managed by an exceptional multi-national leadership with a multi-regional and international experience and background, contributing to both the country’s economy and image.

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QAIA: The gateway where you feel safe, secure, and welcome; but most importantly, you feel home away from home.

Jordan has always opened its doors to everyone. It became home to so many that no longer had a home. The people of Jordan just as much, are known for welcoming anyone into their homes. Giving in a helping hand is a pillar when it comes to Jordanian tradition. At QAIA, we represent Jordanian values and a gateway to home. Through familiarity with the place and the people, the easy wayfinding, you will never feel out of place.

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